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However, we can reduce the risk by performing a Medical Recognition of the Athlete (RMD) by a specialized doctor following the guidelines proposed by the scientific societies with anamnesis Healthy Life Garcinia, physical examination and performing an electrocardiogram (ECG) at rest. A suspicious or positive ECG should be referred to a cardiologist with experience in sports and perform other complementary tests such as echocardiography, stress test, etc.

The performance of other examinations, such as transesophageal or stress echocardiography, Holter ECG or blood pressure, imaging studies such as radiography, magnetic resonance, high resolution cardiac tomography, electrophysiological study, cardiac catheterization, genetic studies, analytical studies. ., are only contemplated in the case of findings suggestive of cardiac disease in the RMD examinations that so advise, and should not be part of any screening procedure of Cardio Vascular pathology.

It is important to remember the recommendations offered by the Spanish Sports Medicine Society in a consensus document * (1). They recommend the performance of the RMD with an anamnesis oriented, a physical examination with auscultation and measurement of blood pressure Healthy Life Garcinia, peripheral pulses and a resting ECG of 12 leads interpreted according to the International consensus standards for the interpretation of the electrocardiogram in athletes.

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